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Oct 28, 2012

Sunday evening treat

Hi again,
this is a very quick post, I just thought I'd share my sunday treat with you. I watched an episode of my cooking hero's show (Nigel Slater, not Jamie O :-) today and he had this brilliant idea about combining left over coffee with shop bought custard and freeze it to make a yummy ice cream. As much as I fancy ice cream, there is simply no space left in my freezer at the moment due to a large amount of cinnamon rolls and scones... But still, I had left over coffee from the morning and some custard. The original plan was making an apple crumble, so I kind of combined the two. I mixed the left over relatively strong coffee (espresso really) with the custard and added some cinnamon and ground cardamom. That alone was already yummy. Then I cut up some apples and mixed the apple pieces and the custard together. I topped that off with some crumble mixture, where I replaced half of the flour with ground walnuts as they always go well with coffee.
Finally, a bake in a 175 °C oven for 40 mins and I could hardly wait that long, given the smell!
And voilĂ , it was even better than expected! A crumble with built-in coffee-custard. I have to keep away from that dish.... :-) Have a good sunday evening all!

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